Number of fire drills required

Hey guys. Where I live, my state requires schools to have five fire drills for buildings with sprinklers and eight drills for buildings without them. My individual school district follows NFPA standards which require one drill per month.

Are there any exceptions to these requirements? My father works as an assistant at a special needs education school, and they’ve had only two fire drills so far this school year. Is this a compliance or legal issue?


Since all schools need to comply with the state regulations for their fire safety for their mandatory drills that are required where it is in. I would say that this is a compliance issue for the standards that the state has set for their school buildings especially if it isn’t following the NFPA standards that is set.

My state is much more lax. They only require one fire drill (or other false alarm/real emergency) per month that the weather allows. This is because we get a lot of snow and the cold weather makes it unsafe to have fire drills during most of the school year. For example, we usually only have around 2-3 drills per year.

Mine also didn’t require many drills as my high school only had 1 per year.

My school district growing up did 6 fire drills, 3 in the fall, 3 in the spring. Summer School did 1 fire drill (it was only a month).

I remember the least amount of drills we had was 2 lmao. Unless I missed one, but I was always at school so I doubt it. We also did it 2 days apart, and 2 weeks into the school year in September.

My St Francis ISD 15 did five Fire Drills a month and even my college did two one in October and April I think

Having a fire drill every week does seem like a lot but probably good idea that they keep a consistent schedule of it.