nutone s180 problem

kay- I’m not a fire alarm enthusiast but I’m posting here out of desperation, so please pardon the intrusion.

My home has a nutone s180 installed.

It is chirping.

I opened it up and found -one- replacement bulb. I replaced it. It is not lighting up. It is still chirping.

It seems to be that when I placed the bulb back (it twisted in fine) the little pinchers didn’t seem to snap. I don’t if that’s the problem.

I’m also wondering if the replacement bulb was already used? I am a new owner to this house.

If anyone has any insight, I’d greatly appreciate it.


Ok, i have an update…

the light comes in and the alarm goes off when I push on it

Is it the only detector you have in your house? Perhaps Fire Alarm Fan (N. Lind) would be able to help you as he himself has one. However…

I know that the S-180 is an old photoelectric detector, and the bulb is what makes it function, but since the detector is well over ten years old and replacement bulbs are becoming increasingly more difficult to find, I’d recommend replacing it.

A good photoelectric hardwired alarm with battery backup would be the First Alert 7010B. It’s the model I have in my room back home and I haven’t had a problem with it since I got it.