NX-4V2 system fault

Hello! I’m a fire alarm hobbyist building my first homemade system. I’m using a GE Interlogix NX-4 with a Fire-Lite BG-12 on Zone 1. I don’t have a siren connected right now because I don’t have one yet. When I plug in the control panel, the keypad indicates a system fault. Looking up the codes shows ‘Siren Trouble’ and ‘Expander Trouble’ to be the problem but I can’t find any information about what might be causing these errors or how to fix them. Any suggestions? :mrgreen:

The siren trouble may be because the siren circuit is monitored and requires a resistor at the end of it, and if that panel was previously installed, the expander trouble is there because there was some kind of expander on the system that was removed, and the system is complaining that it can’t see the expander.

Thanks Jigg! I have the same feeling about the siren circuit but I can’t find anything about it in the manual or online. The manual does state “The NX-4v2 control panel sends a trouble condition once each hour if it senses that no devices are enrolled. The report shows expander trouble–device zero.” So maybe I just need to attach a siren to solve both problems? What is the meaning of ‘enrolled’ in this context?

Enrolled means that the device is programmed into the system and it is recognised. The term enrolled is usually used for wireless devices. Maybe putting the correct resistor on the sounder circuit would solve both troubles. If you have a door contact lying around, try to attach it to a zone and program it aswell.