NYC stripe on pull stations?

I recently purchased a rare simplex chevron pull station with a NYC stripe on it and I wonder, what is the meaning and origin behind the stripe seen on some pull stations.

I have no clue what an NYC stripe is as I have never heard of it. What exactly is it?

the white stripe that runs diagonally on this particular pull station.

Oh well I have never seen that at all and not sure why they made it with that stripe or what it means. It does look cool though. :slight_smile:

Based on the name, I assume it may be something NYC mandates/used to mandate?

This got me curious so i did some research. I found two items on line that say the white stripe denotes pull stations that activate an automatic notification to the fire department. The second article indicates the white stripe requirement was dropped in recent years.

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        FOR THE YEAR 1973

  1. Section C26-1704.6 of such code is hereby amended by relettering existing

    subdivisions (e) and (f) to be (f) and (g) respectively and by adding a new subdivision (e), to follow subdivision (d), to read as follows:

    (e) Identification of equipment -fire alarm sending stations for all systems shall be painted red. A diagonal white stripe one inch wide from upper left hand corner to lower right hand comer shall be painted or applied to sending stations which transmit a fire alarm signal to the fire department via a central station of a franchised operating company. The stripe shall not render any lettering illegible or obliterate the station number.
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        D-10 Fire and Emergency Drill Conductor (FEDC) for

        New York City K-12 Schools (Premise Related)

        FEDCs should become familiar with the location of all fire protection devices, as well as interior and street fire alarm pull stations. FEDCs should be aware that in some buildings, Fire Alarm pull stations may exist that have a white stripe across them. The white stripe indicates that by activating that particular pull station, a signal will be sent to the Central Station Company. Although buildings constructed after 2008 may not have pull boxes with white stripes, it is still important that FEDCs are knowledgeable about which manual fire alarm pull stations send a signal to the Central Station Company and which pull stations do not. All fire alarm pull stations installed or relocated after April 1, 1984 should be installed so that the handle is approximately four feet from the floor and it is located within 5 feet of the exit doorway opening. Manual stations should never be blocked or obstructed.

Nowadays if the pull doesn’t send a signal to the fire department, it just says “local alarm” on it. :slight_smile: