Obscure Life Safety Company Discovered

Just discovered a company formerly in the life safety business that seemingly no one else has: “Applied American Technologies, Inc.”. It started with finding this Reddit post, which showed a voice panel I’d never seen before: the “EVAC 2101”. I then noticed the AAT, Inc. logo on the door & started researching the company: according to said research AAT, Inc. was founded in 1990 & went defunct sometime during 2016, the latter according to the Wayback Machine. They only ever made a handful of products including the aforementioned EVAC 2101 voice panel & another voice panel called the “EVAC 101”. Honestly not sure what exactly happened to them other than potentially bankruptcy or acquisition & then subsequent shutdown by another company. Definitely a good idea to save anything from AAT, Inc. given their obscurity & rarity (especially to see how their products work & hear what their voice messages sound like).


Interesting, I haven’t heard of them before but always cool to hear of and find rare stuff!

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@wiley209 mentioned such a system many years back.

Huh, what do you know.