Odd 7002T...

If you were to look at the picture above and think that there is 2 7002’s and 1 7002T, you would be wrong. There are actually two 7002T’s and only one 7002.

Looking at the back of the alarms, you can see that the middle one is actually a 7002T. This alarm is some sort of weird cross-breed between a 7002 and a 7002T. I would say that it is 75% 7002 and 25% 7002T.

Has anybody seen this weird 7002/7002T “combo” before?

Very Cool!

That’s odd for sure – maybe the middle one is a later generation 7002 or a first generation 7002T?

Maybe the T in this case means Terminals, as in screw terminals, instead of Tamper-proof like we originally thought?

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That’s a really good point…has it ever been confirmed what the T stood for?

Could it have been some sort of retro-fit/half-effort replacement?

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It also could have been that a 7002T-labeled magnet was accidentally placed in that model by Wheelock when it was manufactured.

That could be true, except this alarm has screw terminals, and most 7002's, as far as I'm concerned, have wire leads.

So either someone really screwed up on this one, or it's some odd transiston model from the 7002 to the 7002 T.

If we had a larger sample size, that would make it a lot easier to determine.

Wasn’t there also a transitional 7002 that had a 7002T-style grille? Perhaps there were a lot of parts getting mixed up around 1985.

Yes, there were also 7002s that had the closed grille. But they only had a brief production run. About a year or so after the grille was redesigned, the regular 7002 was discontinued probably becuase Wheelock figured it was easier to wire up with screw terminals rather than cram more pigtail leads.

The “T” does stand for terminals, and that’s the only difference between that and the 7002. In fact, both the 7002 and 7002T were released at the same time, with the open grille.