Odd New Alarm?

These have poped up at my work. These are strobe only’s in the restrooms and other areas that don’t need an audible alarm. In the store it’s self there are ceiling mounted alarms that look similar to these but are round and have a speaker. I’ll try and get a picture of them. Does anyone know what these are?

Those are Wheelock Exceeders. Great job on finding one of those at your work!

I’m starting to see these pop up in some places around my area. Several buildings at my college were upgraded last year and either have Advances or Exceeders.

I am also starting to see Exceeders around. They are still quite rare, since they are very recent, but I do know of a couple places that have them.

The Pinkberry in Harvard Square that recently opened has Exceeders, EST 278Bs, and EST smokes.

Quincy Market’s North Building also recently installed Exceeders to replace old Simplex 4051+4050-80s. The older alarms were still in service as of last year, and were most likely replaced a few months ago. The new alarms are installed over trim brackets. The building still has the Simplex 4099-9003s and some of the old 4251-30s, as well as the Wheelock NSs in the stores. I am not surprised the building upgraded the signals to be ADA compliant, because the South Building, which is similar to the North Building, had Wheelock ASs over large trim plates, likely replacing 4050-80s. Therefore, I knew that the North Building would be getting their upgrade soon. Since Wheelock discontinued the AS in favor of the Exceeder, it makes sense they used Exceeders for the upgrade.

I’d like to see them design an Exceeder speaker/strobe. Maybe someone on here will design one using SketchUp or something. Maybe I will (or I’ll be too lazy…)

I’ve only seen these at one place so far:

The REI (outdoor equipment store) near to me had a minor renovation that only did minor things like move a couple of walls around, etc. The store originally had/has Wheelock ASs, but put in Excedeers in the necessary places.

Old bump, and I apologize for this, but my cousin’s salon has an Exceeder next to the mirror of the station where I get my hair cut. It replaces a Federal Signal 450D with an I-Strobe. The hole where it was is still there.

thay are exceders i have a wall mount h/s my self they sound like the ns

The Exceders are becoming common around Brockton, MA as well. In fact, three buildings at Massasoit Community College had them installed to replace Space Age VA4 horn/strobes!

When I was in Washington D.C., they had those in a lot of places. They are cool alarms.

There aren’t many upgrades that are noticeable around my area (except for when Sports Authority switched from Simplex to EST). Although, a demolition Publix was rebuilt and has an ADT system installed (same as Fire-Lite’s products), with Exceders.