Oh, what old panels can tell you...

Hey everyone.

I’m still quite new to this community, but I got my Simplex 4010 up and running (yay!), and I’m amazed what these things can tell you. When I booted up the panel, I got 30 troubles, mostly relating to missing components. From these components, I’m fairly sure that this was previously used in a small hotel, and I know the following things:

  1. The building had 5 floors,
  2. Two staircases,
  3. Two elevators,
  4. A penthouse floor,
  5. A server room on the third floor, and
  6. that the elevator machine room was located on the penthouse floor.

    I really wasn’t expecting this, and I was pleasantly surprised!

    On a side note, can anyone remind me how to factory reset one of these things? Another, rather unpleasant surprise I encountered was finding that the level 3 and 4 passcodes had been changed. I remember seeing it somewhere but I have forgotten how it’s done.

    I believe that, according to posts from the mods/forum rules, answers to the above have to be PM’ed to me, so be careful of that.

    If anyone wants to post a similar experience below, please do! I’d love to hear about pseudo-Sherlock work that others have done! :smiley:

I removed a DMP XR-500 from a large, old (and doomed for demolition) industrial building my dad worked maintenance at. I thought the place was really cool, so I would go there a lot with him, especially when he would receive an after-hours call from security that a piece of equipment had malfunctioned.

All of the equipment was connected to one of four security panels. Stuff like the sprinkler risers, boilers, water pumps, Centrvac Chiller, etc, in addition to regular security zones like entrance doors and motion detectors. All of these points still appeared on the panel, and it was kind of nostalgic to see all of the equipment and doors I was familiar with from that building show up on the keypad.

I also uninstalled a cabinet with many Radionics POPIT zone modules, so I keep those and their respective zones programmed in the panel on my demonstration board as sort of a reminder of the old place :smiley: .

When I first got my AFP-400 panel and I booted it up, I got only two troubles:


TROUBL MONITOR New Panel INVALID REPLY (invalid reply means missing or malfunctioning device)

I later found out this panel was pulled during a building being renovated as its capacity was exceeded by the new devices in the renovation (AFP-400 holds 398 devices and they exceeded that)

I also started up a malfunctioning Notifier panel to figure out what was going on with it – it ended up being a wiring problem, panel was fine…

Based on the list of devices that went into invalid reply, I was able to determine it was in a school because it listed several things as “CLASSROOM WING”

If the AFP-400 only holds 398 devices, why isn’t it called the AFP-398?

… because “AFP-400” has a nicer ring to it than “AFP-398” so they just rounded it up.

Well, obviously. I kind of meant that as a joke. But I digress.