Old fire pump controller

Here are some pictures I’ve had laying around of a 1970’s-era fire pump controller. This was installed in the utility plant at UMass Boston and the pumps it controlled serve most, if not all, water-based fire protection throughout campus.

Very cool! Please tell me it didn’t get thrown out though going by the pictures of it in a dumpster.

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It was tossed out long ago (it appears to have been flooded, which is probably why it got thrown out.)

What a shame if you ask me: with enough work it probably could have been made functional again.

If anything it would’ve made for an interesting piece of decor, but not much else. Fire pump controllers scare me. Three-phase, 480VAC power at 150 amps is something I tend to respect from a very, very safe distance. I sure wouldn’t try to power that thing back up. Shame it got carted off to a landfill but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

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I had no idea that’s what they ran on, regardless though it still would have made a nice display piece.

The sticker says this one uses 115 volts… I’d assume the pumps it controlled ran on diesel (somewhat like a diesel generator) instead of electricity.

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