Old Simplex Wiring Diagrams

I got a simplex 4246-1 panel recently, and it came with some wiring diagrams that I scanned. This is some very old documentation, so I might as well share them in case they’re needed!

You can check out the 4246-1 panel (and other components) here.

General Wiring Diagram for the 4246-1 panel.

Wiring diagram for a drill switch. I have a drill switch on my 4246-1.

Diagram for a timer. This is an auto silence timer that is located inside the panel.


Well now: this might certainly help someone who needs to know how to wire one of these panels: thanks for your contribution!

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Hello, do you by chance have diagrams or data sheets for the 4090 Simplex bells or the 4017 Simplex bells, please?

I was looking primarily for the Simplex 4090 bell installation sheet that shows how each gong fits the basic mechanism because i have some Simplex 4090 bells and need the sheet for reference use.

I wanted the Simplex 4017 sheets because I’ve seen numerous 4017-62 bells, but never seen an data sheet or brochure/catalog psge.

If you can locate these, can you post copies, please?

Ed Burmett

Sorry, I didn’t get any diagrams for the bells. The ones I got are only for the panel itself.

That’s ok, i think maybe the 10" Simplex bell may have came in 120 volt as well…

Taft, Oklahoma had SImplex 4017 bells ranging from 4 to 10 inch, the 10 inch ones on the outside, I believe they were all 120VAC units.

My guess is a 4017 10" 120 AC vibrating bell would be coded 4017-32, and 3 most likely was the code for a 10" gong.

Its possible the information i want may yet turn up.

To me, Simplex 4017 bells are my favorite, and the 4090 ones come in second favorite mainly because those are the ones around when i was in school from about 1970 to- 1981.

Ed Burmett