Oldest device in your collection

What is the oldest device that you currently have in your collection?

7002t or 34t. Haven’t checked date codes though

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Probably a simplex 4903 speaker strobe from 1997

The oldest device in my collection is probably my notifier bgx-101l. It was made in ‘95


My oldest device (So Far) is also the Rarest.

My Wheelock WS-115 115VAC Strobe from 1985. Unlike other WS strobes, it runs off of wall power rather than 24VDC. Since there aren’t many AC systems, I got it NIB from Ebay.

Here is short vid of it:

Dang!!! That is rare

I got 10 Simplex 4251-111 chevrons from a school built in 1969 last summer.

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Awesome. Those definitely are pretty old

a bit late but a simplex 2903-9002, the hole that the horn goes through (idk how to describe it) is rounded instead of being an octagon, i’ll post a pic when i can

My system sensor 2400
Rebranded by ademco

Looks like it got a lot of UV exposure over the years.

It was probably on the ceiling for 30 years!

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Were they white originally?

I just realized that the high school that is connected to my middle school has wheelock WS alarms in the bathrooms

Yeah they were white when they were new

So that has been on a ceiling for a long time to get it sunbleached that badly

Yeah if they were installed next to a fluorescent light or a window

Probably the fluorescent light

I’ve got an FCI SBS-1201 (System Sensor 2400) that spent 32 years next to a window, it was almost brown from how much UV exposure it got.

Thats a lot of sunbleaching