Omaha, NE tornado sirens

I am assuming the backend is American Signal, and most of our sirens are T-128s. Although there are some random FS 2001s particularly in West O, and they have ASC controls on them. I remember seeing a video of one of those 2001s that had a broken rotator, but evidently they fixed it.
EDIT: that video I saw was of the 2001 round back siren.

The only 2001 I know of in Omaha with a broken rotator was the Hickory Ridge Park 2001 in Sarpy County. I believe Douglas County uses the T-128s while Sarpy uses the 2001s. Sarpy is replacing the remaining CD sirens this winter.

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There are a few. I am looking at a map of our sirens at the moment.

Oops, I meant to put with a broken rotator.