One of my Natsco 411s

I have 2 of these. The other will be put up and functional soon.


Dang thats pretty cool

Thanks! It works to. Its very loud.

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What pull is that i dont think iv seen it before

National Time and Signal Type 641

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thats really cool and pretty rare

Thanks to a fellow collector, I recently got my hands on a 411 for the first time. In addition to the surface-mount type you have, there’s the 411F (flush-mount), 441 (dual-projector), and another type with the horn behind a grille with the metal tag stamped on the grille itself. I’ve seen dozens of these in the wild, and my district schools had several of them, too, albeit disconnected by that time. An even rarer type has these horns painted red, but I’ve only seen about one or two of them overall.

If memory serves me correctly, Natsco would have started manufacturing these in the mid-1960s.