Organham4903’s collection

Will update every 6 months or so (unless I get something rare)

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Wheelock/Siemens CP
Wheelock amber LED exceder
Wheelock e70
Wheelock ch70
Siemens U-mmt-s30-cw
Siemens U-ec-mcs (Faraday rebrand)
Wheelock 7002t-24
Wheelock 34t-24

Potter sh1224
Amseco sh24c-3075110r
Gentex gec3-24wr
Gentex gcc24cr
Gentex shg-24-15/75-wr

Simplex 4906-9127
Simplex 4905-9938
Simplex 2099-9756
Simplex 4903-9254
Simplex 4903-9236
Simplex 4903-9219
Simplex 4251-30

System Sensor/Honeywell
System Sensor p2wl
System Sensor p2rl
System Sensor hrl
System Sensor spscr
System Sensor p2rk
System Sensor p2w
System Sensor sw
Fire Lite bg-12 x2
System Sensor sp2c2415
System Sensor ch24mc
System Sensor sp1r2475ada


Edwards amber ceiling mount genesis speaker strobe (no idea what model # it is)

Edwards g1rf-hdvm
Edwards g1f-hdvm
Edwards g1rf-c
Edwards 278b siga
Edwards 757-3a-t

Nice good-sized collection there I must say!

Thanks. Been collecting for 6 years. My favorites are my 4251-30, and my u ec mcs.

My shg is the 2.5 generation. It’s horn sounds like a commander, but it does march time instead of code 3

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eBay has good devices, and you know you won’t get a moan strobe (or at least you generally know what you’re getting.)

Christmas Haul

System Sensor P2RH-LF
Wheelock HSR
Wheelock HSWC
Simplex 4903-9426
Simplex 4906-9140

Wow nice collection . You have some cool devices

Regarding your Siemens U-EC-MCS, it was Siemens who rebranded it. Faraday was the original manufacturer. Its real model number would be “5394.”

Never knew that, but it makes sense because Faraday was bought out by Siemens.

Technically speaking Siemens now owns pretty much everything of Faraday’s since they acquired Cerberus Pyrotronics in 1998, after CP had acquired Faraday three years earlier in 1995.

Still have yet to get some smokes. Probably 4-wire i3, and a 2-wire i4. Since there’s a module, 2 or 4 wire doesn’t really matter to me.

Just got this today

Nice, what eBay seller did you buy it from?

I forget. It is in very good condition, and it came with keys

Edit: seller is bhill-2589

That is the same seller who sold me my lng-1r

It was for a good price too. With shipping, it was only about 50 bucks.

Yeah it was a much better price than what jjinc was offering for his

To be fair, it’s probably worth more than what we got in for.

Yeah, i actually I just bought some rare devices a few minutes ago

Cool. I might get a commander 4 from my school on Monday