Organham4903’s collection

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Wheelock/Siemens CP
Wheelock amber LED exceder
Wheelock e70
Wheelock ch70
Siemens U-mmt-s30-cw
Siemens U-ec-mcs (Faraday rebrand)
Wheelock 7002t-24
Wheelock 34t-24

Potter sh1224
Amseco sh24c-3075110r
Gentex gec3-24wr
Gentex gcc24cr
Gentex shg-24-15/75-wr

Simplex 4906-9127
Simplex 4905-9938
Simplex 2099-9756
Simplex 4903-9254
Simplex 4903-9236
Simplex 4903-9219
Simplex 4251-30

System Sensor/Honeywell
System Sensor p2wl
System Sensor p2rl
System Sensor hrl
System Sensor spscr
System Sensor p2rk
System Sensor p2w
System Sensor sw
Fire Lite bg-12 x2
System Sensor sp2c2415
System Sensor ch24mc
System Sensor sp1r2475ada


Edwards amber ceiling mount genesis speaker strobe (no idea what model # it is)

Edwards g1rf-hdvm
Edwards g1f-hdvm
Edwards g1rf-c
Edwards 278b siga
Edwards 757-3a-t

Nice good-sized collection there I must say!

Thanks. Been collecting for 6 years. My favorites are my 4251-30, and my u ec mcs.

My shg is the 2.5 generation. It’s horn sounds like a commander, but it does march time instead of code 3

eBay has good devices, and you know you won’t get a moan strobe (or at least you generally know what you’re getting.)