Osama Bin Laden is dead!

Looks like this video is now true! (Well, except the blender part)

It’s all over the news, so you can be sure this is not a cruel joke.

I heard about his death this morning. Even though I know that violence might still go on, we will be able to sleep a little easier and trust our government a little bit more. :smiley:

Not necessarily; His followers will probably want to retaliate.

I’m not quite sure what the hoopla is all about. Ok so bin Laden is dead…do you guys think he didn’t have a replacement lined up in case something happened to him?

Well, now they have even more reason to send WMDs after us, that is, if they even have any.

i have very mixed feelings about the whole thing.

  1. i don’t care what he did, it is simply unacceptable to drop a human being into the ocean in place of a burial. Think what kind of message that sends to other peoples and nations about how we treat our enemies. Sure as hell goes against all of President Obama’s talks about fairness, equality and peace.
  2. yeah, i agree with everyone, i expect there will be retaliation, and if there is any, it will probably be horrendous.
  3. who would replace him? we’ve captured or killed many of the people who are directly below him in rank…
  4. plain ignorant question… why did we not capture him and get information out of him before killing him?

We (our military) respected his religions guidelines in terms of respecting his body and his life. He was burried at sea (a very respecticed berial place by the way) so his followers would not have a shrine to a man who orders and planed the death of thousands of American citizens and soldiers. He was behind more than just 9/11. We attempted to take him into custody he resisted and was shot and killed. You think he would have told us anything anyway? Yes ok… By the way unless you lost family on 9/11 no one gives a fuck how you feel or what you think.

I lost family on that day, and I wish they didn’t just kill him. They should of strapped him to a building and flown a PLANE into that ugly idiot. :x

(Sorry just my feelings)

In my opinion, a burial at sea is very honorable and many of our own navy men have been buried at sea, especially those in the submarine service.

you know… when I was younger I felt the EXACT same way!

One of the issues that are making many people upset is that we treated him and his body with to much respect. In fact depending on what news station you watch some people are outraged that the Muslim proses was respected. I have for the most part ignored that debate and the details I have no interest in knowing them to be honest.

Well, I know some people may hate me for this, but he was a human, so therefore I believe that we were right to give him a proper funeral. I mean, yes he did murder thousands, but I think he at least has the basic human right to have a proper disposal of his body.

Get over it… And that is actually not a basic human right. http://www.un.org/en/documents/udhr/index.shtml

I don’t hate you. I just flat out disagree with you.

I wasn’t quoting any document, just that its common curticy to give a deciesed person, no matter who it is, a respectful sending off into the next life. And lets please not start a religious argument…

There is no point in even having an educated discussion with you. You just brought religion into it by talking about the next life and yet you don’t want it to become religious.

Where does he get this “right” from to have a proper funeral? You used the word RIGHT. So where does he get that right? Do you have any idea how rights are established? Are you trying to say our morals should dictate that he be buried??

Fact of the matter is he got more than he had a RIGHT to and more than he deserved.

I would much rather he come back to the US so I could piss on his body.

so we went from a RIGHT to a COMMON COURTESY

lulzzzz or as the kids say roflcopter…

Like I said there is no point in even talking with him.

Sorry, that is what I have been trying to say this whole time, I just couldn’t put the right word to what I was trying to say.Thanks and my bad :expressionless: .

Oh and Jake, if there is no point in talking to me, then why reply back?

There WAS a point… Gatorade was not trying to help you he was pointing out your extreme ignorance.

Oh I know, I know…