Other Collections

I’m surprised this topic hasn’t come up too much over the years.

What else do you collect besides alarms, security system equipment, etc?

I like to think I’m a gamer, but I don’t really have a huge collection of retro games. In lieu of that, I’ve got a Raspberry Pi set up as a RetroPie with around 6000 classic games on a big microSD card. I guess that’s collection in a digital sense, since I have neither the space nor the funds to afford physical copies unfortunately.

As a musician, I have amassed a small collection of musical instruments, including three guitars, two trumpets, a cornet, a flugelhorn, and a mandolin.

I have a replica Skywalker lightsaber hilt from ANH, and I plan to eventually get a replica Obi-Wan hilt as well (though it goes for double what the Skywalker saber is worth!)

I collect 45 rpm singles. I started about two years ago, and now I’ve amassed over 150 records. I collect mainly classic rock such as Steely Dan, ELO, Todd Rundgren, and even the Carpenters. I also try to find new 45 rpm singles, as they are hard to come by compared with new LPs. My newest 45 is is “Army” by Ben Folds, which is from 1999.

I’ve been collecting world banknotes since 2001/2002 and now have 7 binders of paper money from all continents. I’m particularly interested in older notes from Canada, Europe (pre-Euro, with a focus on France) and Overseas France (former French colonies such as French Indochina or French West Africa and overseas territories such as Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon).

I collect old computers as a side hobby, right now I have only two ancients that count as collection pieces:


  • [*]1999 iMac G3 400MHz DV (Lime Green)
  • [*]Pentium 133 beige box from roughly 1998 or so
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    Emergency vehicle lights and sirens. I have 8 lightbars and I think 20 something sirens. Fire alarms are nothing when it comes to the amount of light and sound these things make.

    I collect locks and vintage matchbox cars