Outdoor fire sprinklers.

My grocery store has some sprinklers outside on the upper cover to the sidewalks. I just was wondering, how do those sprinklers manage not to accidentally activate in the hot summer days?

It takes around 155 degrees to break a sprinkler bulb. The highest temperature ever recorded on Earth was 136 degrees.

Oh. So I guess actual heat detectors would detect heat faster than fire sprinklers would, right?

That depends. Some heat detectors sahre the same temp. as the lowest rated sprinklers, 135’F.

The common temps. for sprinklers (glass bulb type) are:

135’F / 57’C (orange)
155’F / 68’C (red)
175’F / 79’C (yellow)
200’F / 93’C (green)
286’F / 141’C (blue)
360’F / 182’C (purple)
500’F / 260’C (black)

As mentioned, the hottest temperature on Earth was 136’F and it was in Africa. Nevermind the fact that a 135’F sprinkler would not be used in an outdoor application. When sprinklers are installed, the temperature chosen is based on the average ambient temperature seen in the area of installation.

Sorry for the bump again, but where would the black bulbed sprinklers be installed?

Probably in explosive areas or other hazardous places where it would hit 500 degrees.

Yeah. I can imagine a big explosion either ripping the room with the heat or a severe fire heating it up. I hope that they don’t have to use more than one.