OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network

So, what are your thoughts about the television’s latest network, even though some people take a dislike to Oprah left and right. Personally, I am not a fan of it in general, because it replaced the “now-deceased” Discovery Health, even though a couple choice shows were carried over to the new network.

Not sure what “dislike to Oprah left and right” what that means… It is not a phrase… Could you explain?

The shows from Discovery Health will remain on OWN or move to other networks. IF they were not picked up it means no one was interested in them usually because they were not worth airing IE they could not sell the commercial space. That is what TV is all about after all not you or me it is about the bottom line that is why shows we like sometimes disappear mid season.

I have a pretty strong opinion on this for this from so many different directions let me see if I can bring it down to something short and sweet.

Why am I supposed to care what she thinks? You and I we both have our own opinions we watch, read and listen to the local and national news. Each outlet has their own side to push these views no matter how cryptic and secret are pushed on us. I do not like getting caught up in the person bringing me these views. Anyone can read from a teleprompter. What the news anchors takes, is something I hope non of you have, is the need to destroy, or the just lack of caring about other peoples lives. Shoving a camera in someones face or reporting about them on TV behind a news desk does not impress me. This is how Oprah started her life, she was a local news reporter. Ready to be on the scene of a shooting, or the tragic death of a loved one after a horrible accident. I. have a great disrespect for the news media and what they do. If you REALLY cared about me and the news that “matters” to me you would have one monotone person behind a desk reading facts to me about the days activity’s. No, instead it is about ratings and income.

SO with that said that leads me to “Oprahfication” WHY should I care about her past? Why is she so special… She comes on TV and opnly admits she has a weight problem… Yea I can see you are fat… GREAT you are able to admit that… fantastic, keep your sexual abuse and other issues private. Why am I supposed to care what you think… You are just some woman on TV… What is so social about you? I do not go around sharing my personal matters. IF I came out on this web forum and started talking about my personal problems you would probably think I am just some attention seeking whack job, yes I realize you all hate me, but either way how deep would your concern be for me? Perhaps feel a little bad but forget about it the next day? Oprah wants people to believe she cares about them I call that being gullible and giving in to what she wants. If she cared about you she would be right there with you holding you’re hand like a friend… like what my friends do when I really need them. If people need the love and affection from a woman on TV I feel bad for them.

This leads me to my next point. She has been called influential. Why? Why should she influence me? Because she is on TV? I have no desire to be on TV I am not desperate for attention. Money? She is loaded, but money does not make me happy, I know that for sure. So what is influential about her? I do not need her to convince me to go down to a homeless shelter or be a great person I do all this on my own. I love to help people and love to be there for others. SO what is it about her? Why am I supposed to care about what she does, thinks, or thinks of others especially me. That’s right, I don’t.

So basically she is just a good looking , go getem black woman who worked her way up, good for her thats fantastic all the power to the woman that she was able to be so successful, but I do not give a shit. I do not car about her, her brand, what she thinks of me or anyone else. Ib have NO idea what peoples attraction is to her I wish I could understand peoples draw to celebrities to begin with. But her with her on TV channel? It’s just a way for her to make another buck and push her message, whatever that may be. Hey, good for her… if I owned a TV network I would probably have a blast to and show things like Chips, Emergency and Family guy all the time. I am not trashing her or her network, I just don’t care about her or anyone on TV for that matter.

I am kind of curious how old you are Kevistic you seem sort of young but you seem very insightful.

Wow; it seems to me that you have quite some knowledge about Oprah Winfrey. And while my age will remain a mystery, for now, what I meant by “take a dislike to Oprah left and right” is how some people hate Oprah Winfrey, especially on YouTube uploads about her new network; fans are ranting quite harshly about Oprah having her way with a new channel and booting out Discovery Health.