PA Systems - Favorite Brands?

What is your favorite PA system?

  • Rauland Telecenter
  • Simplex TrueCOM
  • Dukane
  • Bogen
  • Other
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Just wondering, what’s your favorite brand of PA systems?

Tough for me, it’s a tie between the Simplex TrueCOM and the Rauland Telecenter.

Well, IDK about StarCall, but all the PA systems in my grade schools were Dukane, so that’s why it gets my vote. But for the record, I have a feeling that the new ES PA is Rauland, as that’s the brand of the speakers they installed both in the new ES and the MS and HS additions, but because the MS and HS already had Dukane systems, they just wired everything to those.

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Is Dukane the system that has the telephone system set up, because in my school, we have a telephone system set up.

Most newer systems all work on telephone networks.

The Rauland Telecenter and Dukane Starcall both work on telephone systems. Most Rauland systems have the name written on most of the components.

Again, I don’t like this poll because there are probably hundreds of PA system models and only a few choices. I picked StarCall because it was the only Dukane choice, but I like all of Dukane’s product, that of course is not a choice. The poll says which is your favorite brand, but the choices are models.

Multicom 2000 is the one that I am most familiar with, so I would guess that it is my favorite.

Well, I can’t change it now…

I can change it. What do you want to change?

After Dukane, add “Or Other Dukane”, and any other manufacturer you can think of

I just got rid of StarCall and left “Dukane”. Plus, “Other” was already there, so I didn’t do anything else.

Yeah. Our school uses Dukane. Only gripe is that over time if you leave the phone off the hook, the system comes on over the intercom and makes beeping noises.

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My school’s phones aren’t interconnected w/ the PA. Infact, the PA in the HS is so broke, you can only use it for all-calls. The office can’t call individual rooms and vise versa. That’s why in my Junior year, they installed a new phone system, so all the classrooms have phones now.

It works just fine in the MS, but they still got the phone upgrade too. IDK if they use the phone for individual classrooms, or if they still use the OA, since it still works correctly…

My MS had a Telecenter (I’m betting it was an ICS), the all call tone was a simple 700hZ tone, the room call-in tone a 1200hZ tone, and the office call-in alert was a tone enough to make anyone jump. I have a clip of the bell if anyone would like to hear it. I liked the fact that there was an LED display over one of the doors in the office with all the call-in information, in addition to the phone on the desk. The switchboard is in a room behind the work/copyroom. All-call code is #00.

All I can tell you is that the HS has a Simplex TrueCOM.

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its funny, I would have to say its a tie between Dukane and Rauland, but I like Rauland more, I’ve Had Rauland in High School, Bogen in Middle School (Didn’t like that system, it was Antiquated and the page tone sounded like an Electrohorn (Scared the shit out of me.) and elemantry school had a Clock Based Dukane system (it wasn’t phone based the one phone was the head unit

I’d say I have to like the Dukane ones now.

Telecor is my favorite PA and bell system. My middle/high school utilizes Dukane and Carehawk together, and Rauland during elementary days.

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I’d have to second Telecor. I learned about them because my high school had a Telecor 2 system from 1988. Then when I was the morning annoucements guy, I learned the ins and outs, and even made a programming manual for the admin staff. It also got replaced with a Telecor XL, and to this day, I’m pretty sure my bell schedule is still intact that I programmed for them.

My district uses Telecenter for paging. Some buildings have an older analog telecenter system, with a TCU controller connected to a Zone page module to control the bells, since those are controlled centrally. Then there are other schools that use Telecenter U fully. Those buildings also have an interesting quirk where the Cisco phone system is trunked in to the TCU, and they didn’t put any class of service restrictions in, so that means that any phone that is associated with a building’s internal extension group can page. And the thing is that the page code is the default Rauland code. The thing that I am glad about is that you can’t connect to other building’s paging systems from the Cisco phones. The phones across all buildings have a common server, and internal extensions in another building are able to be called. Also, the phones have video.

Nice! What school did you go to that has the telecor? I kind of like the bell tone at your school.

It was my local high school, but it is set to be demolished in about 3 years or so.