Partnering up with Honeywell, Siemens, Edwards?

Does anyone know what’s involved in becoming a distributor with Notifier, Firelite, Silent Knight, Siemens, EST .etc? That seems like an awesome idea but have no clue what’s involved? Oh plus EST gave me guest access to their whole catalog and specifications. I’m very happy they still sell the Integrity’s!

Firelite and Silent knight I think you just need a company. Anyone can buy their stuff.

The rest you’ll have to be in the right market (where they don’t have a distributor or only have one or two other distributor’s depending on the market and the manufacturer), and show you have an established business they can partner up with. For example, some cities have 2 EST distributors and that’s it. Very large metro areas (like NYC, Houston, etc.) might have a dozen.

Notifier is probably the easiest, Siemens the most difficult. EST is somewhere in between. Siemens has their own distributors in most markets but they also have 3rd party distributors in those markets too, much like Simplex has their own distributors (but unlike Siemens, Simplex doesn’t have any 3rd party distributors that I know of).

In my experience in one market with Notifier, pretty much anyone could hop on board, but in another major city I’ve worked in one distributor pretty much had it locked down. Andrew could probably expand with his experiences actually working for one though.

I do know a one man shop who sells Gamewell, so that might be an easy way to go too.

Thanks for the info! Also out of Honeywell brands, Notifier is my most favorite but if I wanted to buy a panel new and modules new, would the distributor in my area just sell it or does it get more complicated then that? Maybe Andrew could chime in on this because I’ve seen his in the field videos dealing with Notifier?

I’d love to chime in on this but I am legally bound by a non-disclosure agreement. I can’t reveal anything about my employer’s relationship with Notifier.


However I can answer your question about purchasing from a distributor. If you have a convincing enough story they might sell you components, but just be aware there will be a significant markup on them.

Notifier is my favorite brand too, btw.