PE classes not participating in fire drills.

I’ve seen it at the schools I’ve gone to. They will still be running around the tracks and everything.

I know that in at least one school I have been to, the fire alarm was not audible from the field, so the coach and anyone out there would have no idea that a fire drill was going on.

I have never heard of such a class not participating in fire drills; when I was attending Cass, I remember when my P.E. class was outside for physical fitness and the fire alarms went off inside the building for a fire drill. We still followed the proper procedure like everybody else.

If they’re already outside, it’s probably not a big deal as the teacher already knows that they’re all there.

I remember one drill in 1st grade we had. We had just gotten outside and a gym class was going on outside. The coach made them stop what they were doing (after notcing the mass amount of people exiting the building) and stay still. A few minutes later, he blew his whistle to resume and not a second later the all-clear bell rang. It had to have been good timing because on the Simplex 2350 (the master time system the bells were wired to), while it automatically ring the bells circuit by circuit (indoor bells were on circuit 1, outdoor bells on circuit 2), when you ring them manually, everything rings at once, so he couldn’t have heard the indoor bells. And even if they did ring circuit by circuit, the bells in the lockerooms and the bells in the gym lobby didn’t ring for class bells, so you’d still only hear the outdoor bells. Just a short side-story…

Whenever PE is held outside, administration schedules fire drills during the gym teacher’s prep time, so no one is confused. Even if there was a fire drill and they were outside, you could tell. You can see that GX-90 strobe from a mile away.

As far as I can remember, PE classes have always participated in drills. I think it is mandatory here that every person at school participate in each alarm, no matter the situation. Even if drills occur at recess, recess is paused until the fire drill ends.

When our school has a fire drill, the P.E. Classes just keep doing what they’re doing if they’re outside, if they’re inside, then they evacuate and follow drill procedures.

in elementary and middle school, pe was never outside, always in the gym, so they would always go outside like everyone else. however, in high school, probably at least once a week they went outside. at the high schools in my system, there are no alarms on the exterior of the building, and the athletic fields/buildings don’t have alarms of any sorts, so in that case, nope.

At all 3 of my schools, if we were already outside for gym, we just did our thing. The only time we participated in a gym fire drill is if we were inside.

I was outside for PE class once during a fire drill, we all lined up where we would of if we were inside.
One time I was outside for baseball practice which was after school hours and the fire alarm sounded and we just kept practicing.

One time in eighth grade, I was in A.P.E., and I had already learned there was supposed to be a fire drill during that period. We were already outside as part of our class, and sure enough, I turned around and saw students and teachers clearing out of the building as I could hear the Federal Signal horns continuously blaring. But throughout the fire drill, we continued our A.P.E. activities, and the teacher was acting as if he wasn’t aware there was a fire drill going on right behind us! (People did not evacuate onto the athletic field we were on.) Not even when the all-clear signal sounded (one long bell) and everyone had re-entered the school.

The procedure for all three of my schools was that if we were outside during P.E. class, we didn’t have to participate.