people customizing alarms in buildings

hey guys. so ummm i was off from work today and i had to go to walmart to pick up some stuff. on the way there, i decided to stop by the porsche dealership just across from my destination and just as i was about to check out the rides, i find what look like 6" or 8" bells on wheelock rssp strobe plates. and to my surprise, they happened to have painted over them and they put in their own fire lettering. i’ve never seen this before and i was quite shocked by the setup. i even saw just one wheelock rss remote strobe with the custom fire lettering on it. what are the odds of that?! :shock: has anyone seen a similar setup like that before?

Seen it a couple of times and it is the result of dumbass painters who did not read the words “DO NOT PAINT” on the signals.

Um no, usually people don’t customize their fire alarms. I have seen a painter paint over a flush mounted Wheelock AH-24WP, and it still works to this day…

How come on disney rides they have them painted? Is this legal?

Painting fire alarm devices has never been legal. Like I said, it is the result of dumbass painters who don’t read the sign that says “FIRE ALARM DEVICE; DO NOT PAINT”

But that doesn’t answer my question. On spaceship earth i see gentex comanders and they are painted purple. How does disney bypass these rules?

Unless they got approval from the AHJ, they’re breaking the rules.

Here are a few little gems I dug up in my picture library:

[attachment=3]Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 12.28.36 PM.png[/attachment]




Las Vegas seems to be the capital of custom-painted alarms, judging by the lovely variety of modified devices I’ve seen in hotels around that city.

[attachment=2]Genesis 1.JPG[/attachment]



In my area, I believe I’ve only seen devices painted like the ones pictured above at a local restaurant/cooking school. The signals in question were a flush-mounted 4051 and a flush-mounted 2901-9833 that had been painted beige to match the surrounding walls.

That pull though

Goldfinger’s pull station.

Such a thought lol :wink:

Or the Holy Grail of fire alarm collectors :lol:

Would you like that pull station Andrew?

I sure as hell would.


Is that pull station gold or silver? Cant really tell even though Andrew said “Goldfinger’s pull station”

PS: Im going to buy that pull station and paint it that color :slight_smile:

The space age av34 looks like the painter is fire alarm blind.

I have noticed some people have installed systems with painted alarms in there buildings. For example, I saw a purple early bell in an abandoned building through the window. I was like, purple for fire alarms. I have also seen a yellowish green wheelock MT in Kohls. Why do people paint alarms in buildings. Do they want it to blend in. Who knows?

Simple, quote from new age server “dumbass painters who can’t read on the device Fire alarm do not paint.”

I wonder if anyone’s wallpapered a fire alarm