People pulling the fire alarm to get out of a test.

Here on yahoo answers someone is asking if he should pull the fire alarm because he doesn’t want to take a difficult test.

Pulling the fire alarm would just delay the test. He’d still have to take it.

Umm, it’s beyond that. He would get ARRESTED.

Yes. That’s the case.

Wow, what an intelligent question. I wonder why he’s so worried about the test! :lol:

I’m sure there are some idiots in the world that have tried to do that.

I’d rather take the test than pull the fire alarm and get arrested. Of course a fire drill would be a pleasent supprise to happen :mrgreen:.

Though, in elementary school, I haven’t seen anybody been arrested for pulling it and same with my middle school. High school there were stoppers over all of the pulls but the modular building. But most of the time it went off was because one of the shops had something burning.