Piezo Voltage

How much does a basic panel put out for a piezo? I plan on replacing the piezo in my panel for a buzzer because the piezo is rather annoying and if possible I would like to change it to a buzzer. Just a quick and simple question, looking for a simple answer.

Other info; My panel is a System Sensor PDRP-1001 and I am running it off 120VAC and outputs 24VDC/FWR.


You know that Google doesn’t have the answer to everything, right?
To the OP: Do you have a multimeter? 24V is probably a good guess, but I could be wrong.

ya i know that

Nathan, please stop trolling people with lmgtfy.

To answer the OP’s question, most of the time the panel piezos are driven straight off the microcontroller – and in that case they are 5 volts.

What is your panel anyway?

If it’s a commercial fire panel, don’t replace the piezo with a buzzer. The circuit was most likely not designed to be used with a buzzer and you may end up either damaging or destroying your panel.

(Sorry NewAgeServer, had to do this so people could understand) nathan, please don’t post that, that didn’t help me AT ALL. You just did what I could’ve done and did. Thanks. And NewAgeServer Alarm, You are correct. On my old panel, I removed the piezo and 3 weeks later, NAC 1 = BOOM, SPARK, SCARE, SMOKE. and 1 month later Panel; “I guess I’m just gonna latch into alarm and not let you reset me”

Andrew, it is a System Sensor PDRD-1001 Deluge Fire Alarm Control Panel.

Prog, it says it’s outputting 5VAC, but my brothers one says it’s outputting 10VAC.