Places in the Twin Cities Area to Purchase Fire Alarms

Pretty self explanatory. If you’re ever in the Twin Cities and are interested in purchasing some new devices, I have some great (and some not-so-great) places to find them. Also, I will include some of the inventory as of my last visit, which could always change. Lastly, if you have any locations to add, feel free to. Anyways, on with the topic!

AxMan Surplus:

Number of Locations: 4

Overall Rating: 4/5

Pros: Amazing (and I do mean AMAZING) prices, fairly decent selection at most stores, condition of devices.
Cons: Lack of used/older devices, lack of variety, no pull stations, smoke/heat detectors are fairly uncommon.

Inventory: Simplex 4050’s (St. Paul location), various smoke detectors (St. Paul location), TONS of Edwards heat detectors (St. Louis Park location), newer Wheelock and Siemens devices (All locations), other various stuff.

Other Comments: If you’re looking for newer notification appliances, this is probably the best bargain almost anywhere. Unfortunately it’s rare to find an older device, and i’ve never come across a pull station here. AxMan is definitely worth a stop, regardless of what you may be looking for.


Bauer Brothers Salvage:

Number of Locations:

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

Pros: Great selection, older devices.
Cons: Expensive, devices often in bad condition.

Inventory: Honeywell S464A pull stations, Wheelock NS’s, Wheelock RSS’s, various older Simplex and Faraday horns and light/strobe plates, probably more stuff I missed.

Other Comments: This would be the best place in the state to get anything if they just came down on their prices. This store is filled with tons of stuff, and you never know what you might find. I found my old Day-Brite exit sign below a pile of conduit that probably hadn’t been touched in 10 years. Huge selection, just be prepared to dig. If you’re looking for one or two specific devices, especially an older one, this place is worth the stop. However, if you’re looking to fill your shelf with new devices, go somewhere else, Bauer Brothers will charge you way more than AxMan or Ebay would.

Advise: Ask for the younger guy if possible. He’s open to negotiation.