POLL: Best-sounding electronic fire alarm 2017

Which electronic signal has the best sound?

  • Wheelock AS
  • Wheelock NS/ZNS/Exceder
  • Wheelock MT (any tone)
  • Wheelock EH/Simplex TrueAlert 4-Wire/450E
  • Simplex 4903-9236
  • Simplex TrueAlert 2-Wire
  • Siemens U-MMT/Pyrotronics MTL (any tone)
  • Gentex Commander2/3/4 (any tone)
  • System Sensor MASS (any tone)
  • System Sensor MAEH (any tone)
  • System Sensor SpectrAlert Classic
  • System Sensor SpectrAlert Advance/L-Series
  • Edwards 892/792
  • Edwards Integrity
  • Edwards Genesis (old)
  • Edwards Genesis (new)
  • Any chime
  • Any 3000Hz mini horn
  • Any voice evac
  • Other

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Which is the best-sounding electronic fire alarm signal?

Due to the poll size being limited to 20 options, I decided to do two polls - one for electronic and one for mechanical. The other poll can be found here: <LINK_TEXT text=“viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8707”>https://forums.thefirepanel.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=8707</LINK_TEXT>

I’d have to go with the Simplex 4100U/ES whoop, for its similarity to an air raid siren.

I forgot to say that the “any” and “other” options can be specified below.

I chose the SpectrAlert Advance… because it’s unique and annoying, which it should be.

What do you mean by new/old sounding Genesis alarms? Is the new one the type that sounds like a SpectrAlert?

I chose “Other” because the one alarm that I still think is the best sounding despite not having heard it in 18-years in the first generation Gentex SHG. Proof that even electronic horns can have different pitches.

The ‘new’ ones are the ones we all know about.

The old ones:


Yep. It’s usually the analog ones (old SHG, MASS, 892) that have the largest pitch variance. TrueAlerts have some pitch variance as well.

I also said the SpectrAlert advance because of its shrill, unique, and lower pitched tone.

Yeah they do but its actually a bit hard to hear it when you listen to them go off since the difference is negligible.