Poll: What voice-evacuation message do you like best?

What is your favorite default fire alarm voice-evac message?

  • Simplex 4100/4120/4100U
  • Simplex 4003
  • Simplex 2001/2100/2120/etc.
  • Wheelock Safepath
  • Fire-Lite/Notifier
  • Gamewell-FCI Identiflex
  • FCI (pre-Gamewell)
  • Silent Knight
  • Edwards/Older EST
  • EST-2 EVAX
  • EST-3
  • Siemens/Cerberus Pyrotronics
  • Faraday
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I’m surprised a poll like this wasn’t made yet! What is your favorite default-programmed voice-evacuation message in a fire alarm panel? So far each one usually comes with one message as the default one.

IDK if a poll is necessary here, as voice evac messages are used interchangable between companies. For example, I like the following message:

“Attention. Attention. An emergency has been reported in this building. Please cease operations and leave the building utilizing the nearest exit or fire exit stairway. Do not use elevators. Repeat, do not use elevators.”

I’ve seen this message used by Simplex, EST, and even Notifier.

I like the 4003 voice evac the best. I do not like the 4100/U message because I find it too simple. It just says “walk down to your assigned re-entry floor or main lobby”, rather than actually saying “leave the building”.

FYI: The message I always use in my youtube videos “Attention. Attention. Attention. An emergency has been reported. All occupants report to the nearest exit and leave the building…” is an edited version of the default 4100U message you mentioned.

As for my favorite voice evac, I do not really know, but a close one is either the message above or Wheelock’s
“May I have your attention please! An emergency has been reported in the building. While this is being verified, please leave the building by the nearest exit. Do not use the elevator.”

The voice evac panels I am familiar with (Notifier) use standard 16bit 44.1Khz PCM .wav files so really, your options are limitless. There is a bundled library of pre-configured messages and “snippets” of messages that can be strung together in any fashion you like using the included software. I much prefer this system over any standard pre-programmed system as it allows you to ensure the message played is as relevant as possible.

Probably the best pre-configured message is pretty much identical to the one Dan refers to below…I uploaded it to Rapidshare if anyone is interested…I guess it can only be downloaded 10 times and will be deleted in 90 days so this link won’t be good for long but it should work for a bit.


This system makes so much more sense that I am sure just about every other manufacturer out there is doing it this way now and if they are not, they will soon.

I usually can’t decide if it should be a male or female voice though…hmmm, maybe there is some money to be made in creating a library of alarm “narration” from say William Shatner or maybe that goofball Hung guy from American Idol…ha! William Hung annunciates your alarm.

sorry I am rambling now but that just struck me as quite funny :slight_smile:

I always liked the Siemens/CP message that switches from the female to male voice. (CWN, that solves your problem… :wink: ) As far as youtube videos go, you dont hear that one too often…

Didn’t you create that clip?

I guess if I had to choose for the poll, I’d pick the 4100/4120/4100U default. I’m not too fond of the message, as many aren’t, but it’s the most widely used and the one I come across the most common, so I’m used to it.

Especially since your college uses that for all the voice-evac buildings! If I recall, I heard that the East Campus Commons (Simplex 4120 system) and Kelly Gymnasium (Simplex 4100U system) at Bridgewater State College do that default message too, despite the fact that they both do not have elevators!

i like the Simplex 4100/4120/4100u/4100es
simplex 2001/2100/2120/etx
edwards/est-3 voice evac though to be honest and fair.

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