(posting for a friend) GE Simon XT Weird Setup, Wired to ADEMCO Board

So, I have a friend who recently got a new house which was a HUD repo, and it has a GE Simon XT ( I do not know the exact model #) which is wired to ademco panel which has a siren , wired and wireless telephone setup for it, then it has a single what appears to be wireless smoke/heat detector also made by GE, a (DMD?, DSC? ) motion detector with a honeywell wave 2 siren. He had to disconnect everything because he was trying to find the wire for the siren and the wiring on the cabinet door that houses the main/system board does not reflect the exact wiring in the cabinet. He has multiple wires of which most of them look alike ( red jacket) , then another two that have multiple colors and he managed to find what he thinks is the keypad wire. photo of what the cabinet looks like is here ( the ademco vista cabinet → Imgur: The magic of the Internet)

I will work on getting a photo of what his cabinet looks like.

Any help would be appreciated

Other photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VmsqEGyXW1WQgVbW2

If the system is currently monitored by ADT, I’d suggest making a service call. I’m having trouble understanding what’s going on in any of the pictures, and I’m not exactly sure what your question is.