Potter PSN-106 and PSN-64

I’m going to buy a Potter PSN series power supply, most likely a PSN-64. I’ve done research but I have a question that only having the physical device can answer. If you have it programmed as sync follower to System Sensor sync, such as the trigger is connected to a System Sensor MDL, if the MDL is silencing the horns, would the PSN also silence horns or would it just follow the cadence? I want to be able to have two separate triggers. One for fire and one for carbon monoxide. I want to be able to silence System Sensor SpectrAlerts over 2 wires on one trigger, and have separate carbon monoxide NAs on the other trigger. I was thinking I could connect my MDL to my panel so I could disable the horn control, and the MDLs output would be connected to the PSNs trigger, so the PSN would silence horns when the MDL is in silence mode, so I could use one trigger to control horns and strobes individually. Would this work?