Power Outage caused 4010 Fire Alarm Panel to Go Off

Hi, brand new hotel worker here, my hotel has had a blackout and our 4010 fire alarm panel is producing an unending screeching alarm. The instuction manual online says that this is a type 2 error and that hitting the system reset button should stop the alarm, but when it resets the alarm comes back immediately. I’ve held the button down as well as hit the silence alarm button without any luck. I feel scared hitting too many buttons in case I break something, but I also can’t fix anything. Could anyone give me a suggestion on what to do? Thanks!!

could you take a picture, rule of thumb for simplex is you press the button under the flashing light.

This sounds like it is probably just a trouble alarm that is telling you that the power is out. You just need to press the trouble acknowledge button when this happens. It may also be a supervisory. In this case, you need to press the acknowledge button.

Just like the other person said, all you need to do is to press the button below the blinking light. You do not have to worry about breaking anything as long as you just stick to only pushing the red buttons.

Pictures help, power outage causes a “trouble” condition on the panel generally. (Sometimes they’re also tied in to monitor something like a generator, which may cause a supervisory) so a system reset won’t help you with either of these conditions. That button is generally only used if the horn/strobes are active.

In this case, the button you are looking for is “Acknowlege” or “ACK” which will shut that up. If there’s an extensive power outage, it may go off again after a period of time without the issue restoring, but that’s generally 2-24 hours depending on jurisdiction.

If you’re at a hotel, I’ve seen either the main panel by the front desk, or what’s called an Annunciator panel there too. The annunciator requires a key to operate but the buttons are exposed without a door. The panel, however, just needs the door opened. Since you mentioned the 4010 though, I’d imagine you’re seeing the main panel somewhere in the building.

From what is described, I am inclined to believe that this may actually be a panel crash and not an alarm/supervisory. 4010 classics have begun developing a nasty problem where they will crash instead of alarm as they age, especially with specific software revisions.

If there is one light flashing on the panel (and the panel is making a continuous or on/off tone), hit the button underneath the flashing light to see what the problem is.
If all of the lights on the panel are flashing and the panel is making a continuous tone, that is a panel crash.

If it is the latter, you will want to contact your building’s maintenance team ASAP, as the system is inoperable while crashed (especially if it’s crashing over and over) and will need to be serviced immediately.