Prism_2903's Fire Alarm Collection

Hi guys! I am currently new here, and I thought of showing off some of my alarms in my collection:

(I am not sure if these images will work or not)

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I also have a few more images here.

Those are super awesome and rare devices! Have you ever considered starting a YouTube channel? Do you already have one? I would love to see some of these devices in action!


You know, I do believe you’re the first enthusiast to not only have a Wheelock “Farr-Larm” 3300 with a 7002T on it (even if it’s a Pyrotronics-rebranded version: most come with 31T-115s instead) as well as a W.L. Jenkins Company bell/strobe! That blank AV32 + Faraday 3460 combo is also certainly unique! (reminds me of the one thesdx had on his setup at one time: that one had a blue lens however)

That gold Pyr-A-Larm bell wouldn’t happen to be 24VDC would it? (since most seem to be other voltages instead)

Hi! The FarrLarm plate came with a 7004T-115, and the Pyrotronics bell is also 24 VDC. (Also that is a Pyrotronics HSD-24, so a 7002T, on the Farr-larm plate.)

Oh. Still though: as I said most of the time they come with 31T-115s instead since there’s already a visual signal below the horn & behind the plate (which is a flashing light bulb).

Nice! I believe it’s rare to find older Pyrotronics devices like that in 24VDC.

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Oh I get it now, except mine didn’t come with a bulb

That could be because the bulb broke at one time & a replacement couldn’t be found (or was otherwise not available for whatever reason), so they put a 7004T on it to compensate.


Here’s another interesting device:
A Gentex GMH and AVP combo!

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That is interesting, especially how the strobe plate is unmarked! (heck those strobes plates in general are rare to begin with, but an unmarked model? Even rarer!)