I am looking to get my hands on these programmers, where can I get them?

#1 Autocall ES programmer

#2 EST Quickstart Programmer

#3 EST IO Programmer

#4 JCI VeriFier Tools

#1: Autocall ES Programmer Version 6_03_02 | Download fire alarm documents ( (could have sworn this was listed on the Autocall website at one time but I can’t seem to find it on there now)

#2: *QuickStart - QS-CU Version 2.5 & 1.8 -

#3: IO series -

#4: Notifier Program - VeriFire Tools 5.7 - NO License needed - (honestly have no idea what you mean by “JCI Verifire Tools” though since JCI’s never been related to Notifier, aside from when they used to rebrand Notifier products but I doubt there was a specific programmer for them)

Thanks for the links, I thought JCI made an even more proprietary version of VeriFier Tools for JCI rebranded Onyx panels. Also, both of the IO programmer links don’t work. And Autocall removed the programming link from there website when JCI got mad.

Sure thing. Maybe? If there is such a thing I don’t know of its existence.

What!? They worked when I tried them though! (actually this might be the page I found instead, try these: IO-CU IO64 IO500 software download -

Oh, really? Dang you JCI…

Thanks for the new link, here’s what the Autocall website says:

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Those where published publicly by mistake which is why they were removed. Why exactly do you want Autocall ES? All Autocall ES panels require a special version of the modules and detectors made just for Autocall ES. You also can only program a A4007ES without a license which I’m not going into further detail with that.

Sure thing! Oh those sons of snitches at JCI I tell you…

Wait really? I didn’t know that. And here I thought Autocall was just more lenient when it came to their software: guess not.

I honestly wanted the Autocall programmer to mess around with and to have as a novelty item.

JCI Does have their own version of VeriFire Tools. It is extremely proprietary. It only works on JCI branded Notifier Systems

Theres no point in getting an autocall es panel over a simplex es programmer, their more proprietary then the Simplex stuff since its a lot harder to get the right hardware, and you can still get the panel programmed if you know where to go and have the resources at your disposal.

I would not recommend Simplex to anyone who does not know what their doing anyways, get something like firelite instead