Pull stations in restrooms.

Have you ever seen in pull station installed in a restroom? I haven’t but I have heard of such online.

I once traveled to see some distant relatives in Mexico. The day after I arrived to my destination, a report came on the news about a false fire alarm in the airport. Turns out there is a pull station (Fire-Lite BG12) installed right inside the disabled bathroom stall, and someone ended up pulling it accidentally while trying to maneuver themselves from their wheelchair to the toilet. I swear I’m not making this up, I wish I had taken a screenshot of it.

Notification appliances are SpectrAlert Advance P2R set to code 3 high volume, 15 candela, unsynchronized.

I have never seen something like that. I have seen panic buttons put in airports though, but I think those call the security guards and nothing else.

If I recall when I went to Wisconsin State Fair, the bathroom there was really big! Not only were there two TrueAlert remote strobes installed, but towards an exit door inside the bathroom was a 4099-9003. Honestly really bad idea since there are no security cameras in the bathroom, and if the fire alarm was pulled in the restroom no one would know.

If the bathroom was really that bad, I’m surprised there wasn’t a HORN/strobe that were put in there instead. I have seen horn/strobes put in SMALLER bathrooms and that seemed like overkill and have heard of a story at one point of a SpectrAlert Advanced horn/strobe put in a small one person bathroom across from the toilet. I would hate to be in there when the fire alarm goes off.

The building was pretty remote strobe heavy anyways. Pretty much anywhere that had a horn strobe got two or three remote strobes installed with it.

Going close to the off topic edge, has anyone ever seen pull stations in classrooms? One of the very large art rooms by the school main commons has a pull station by a exit door, and since theres ANOTHER art room with a door leading to ours, that one ALSO has a pull station! So, combining the alarm count for both of those rooms, you get 8 smoke detectors, 5 notification appliances (one strobe in a supply closet leading to the other art room), and 2 pull stations. Wow.

Classrooms in portables typically have pull stations and I’ve seen them installed in classrooms that weren’t portables.

The local libraries have no security cameras and have pull stations. Also churches in my area lacking security cameras commonly have pull stations. Having pull stations in places that don’t have security cameras is not uncommon in my area.

One of the restaurants I went to, may have a '9846 in a restroom! (That was very likely in Lebanon, NH)

I don’t think that is too uncommon for some classrooms to have pull stations in them. At my elementary school, the music room has a pull station next to its direct exit and its own alarm (A Wheelock NS in code-3) but both were probably replaced when they upgraded to Notifier. With my junior high school it didn’t happen (but none of the classrooms had direct exits). My high school has pull stations in most of the shop rooms and some big rooms. Some of the rooms had an alarm but no pull and others had a pull but no alarm but those with pulls always had a direct exit. The shop I was in had a pull station and a direct exit but no alarm in it. The modular building classrooms all have no pull stations in them (the 3 Edwards pulls are in the hallways under the 892-2Bs) and the Aquaculture Building which is two rooms and a small hallway has the pull in the hallway NEXT to the bathroom below its alarm (a Simplex 4903-9219). Honestly I thought it was a bit weird that some rooms had pulls but no alarms.

New York generally requires pull stations next to outside doors and has for decades, so yeah, I have seen them in classrooms and restrooms if there is a door to the outside. My high school had pull stations in all of the locker rooms.

I see horn/strobes in restrooms semi-frequently. Large restrooms (i.e. rest areas) tend to have them (though larger rest areas in NY and MA tend to have EVAC, so it’s speaker/strobes instead). Multiple Cumberland Farms locations have SpectrAlert Advance horn/strobes inside the restrooms. One of the schools I went to had Commander2s in every room, including restrooms.

Looks like the Claremont, NH Walmart front men restroom, has an original-style SpectrAlert horn/strobe while the men restroom out back, has a Wheelock AS…