Pull stations installed in strange places in a building

What unusual places have you seen pull stations installed in a building? I remember someone on here saying that a Walgreen’s store they’ve been in had a pull station in the restroom.

The Targets in my area has pull stations by the fitting rooms. Not unusual for a Target store, but pretty unusual for stores in general, at least in my area.

I’ve seen them next to exterior doors in just about every setting including mechanical rooms, storage rooms, sprinkler riser rooms, restrooms. It may seem unnecessary in some cases but this one is based on code. If the local fire marshal insists on doing it by the book in this regard, then no reasonable contractor will argue with them.

On the other hand, I have on several occasions found a pull station in an elevator machine room! I suppose it would be handy if a fire broke out when someone just happened to be in there, but I think the chances of that happening are pretty minimal.

Though not a pull station, one of the strangest device placements was an annunciator my coworkers were called out to remove. It was in the back of a coat closet in a house and controlled a fire alarm panel for a separate bed and breakfast on the same property. I think they only knew about it because they kept hearing a beeping from the back of the closet.

That one sounds interesting. So when you removed it, did you install another panel on the actual property of the B&B?

I didn’t remove it personally. I can’t remember whether we deleted it entirely or relocated it into the bed and breakfast. If we were unable to program they system (it was an EST, which we are not distributors of), we may have had to re-install it somewhere else so the system would not have a missing annunciator trouble.

In my high schools old portapak. There was 10 classrooms in it, and each one had a pull station outside the hallway, and at the emergency exit of each class (and I think the front of the class too). So basically there were about 20 to 30 pull stations in this portapak.