Pull stations must be red and mounted on a different color.

There’s a code nowadays that says that pull stations have to be red and have to be mounted on a different color. I think most painters are not aware of that code and if they were to paint a wall red, they would probably paint red around the pull stations as well. The local Target has red pull stations mounted on red walls, but it’s an old Target store, probably built before the code came in. Nowadays if there’s a red pull station and a red wall, there has to be some white painted around the pull station.

Yeah, can’t be mounted on a red wall unless it has a white square a certain amount of inches thick (don’t remember how much) painted around it.

What’s interesting is that most states allow even white, non-FIRE-labelled notification appliances.

Yep. There’s a store at the local mall that has white Edwards horn/strobes without the fire label, just a running man picture.

I think the running man on the picture is an indication that it is an alarm to tell people to get out of the building.

Yupp, they are using that same figure on exit signs now, more of like an ‘international’ symbol.