pull stations squirting ink when they are pulled.

Isn’t this simply an old wives’ tale that’s told to discourage students from pulling the fire alarm? Or are there some pull stations that actually do this?

Ink can be applied to pull stations so that when pulled, the ink gets on your hands.

they donk call it inc it is called tamper die and if i am right some stores still sell it

And you can’t wash it off unless you have a special solution right? Because it stains the hands?

Yes, you need a mix of some chemicals and you could warsh it off so the neaked eye can’t see it but a black light can

it’s very rare, at least around here. maybe only two or three places in seven years.

I’ve seen it as a greasy substance that is whitish or clear, that will glow under a blacklight. When it gets wet, it turns a deep dark purple.

I’ve also seen it in a powder form, it was a reddish type powder that resembled cinnamon or rust powder. It was in an apartment building for seniors. The first time I got it on my hands, I thought nothing of it and went to rinse it off. The blue just kept coming and coming, for ten minutes, blue was coming out of my hands, it was all over the bathroom sink and countertop, I don’t now how such a small amount of powder can produce a neverending fountain of blue.

I recall my high school’s pull stations for the fire alarm being treated with ink/dye as well, from what I’ve been told. (This would make sense, being where it’s located, but lately they have also been installing Stopper covers to prevent false alarms from being started as well.)

I also remember in the book “My Teacher Fried My Brains” by Bruce Coville, the lead character pulls a fire alarm as a prank and gets his hand covered with purple ink as a result, and tries to hide it but eventually with no luck.

I would just stick with the Stoppers with horns, it decreases the risk of damaging the station from impact (and ink), while preventing false alarms. That is what my school district does.

My elementary school used the ink. My high school’s main building had Stoppers. But the modular building, my middle school and the college that I am at don’t use anything.