Pulled pull stations.

Have you seen any that were pulled? The local Michael’s Arts and Crafts store has an ADT dual action pull station that has been pulled for years. It’s the only pull station in the store. Did someone just pull it once and it didn’t work?

A Golden Corral in Lubbock TX, has a pulled BG-10 in the airlock (at least when I was last there in 2011).

Pulled pull stations? hmmmmm…

A Simplex T-Bar at a local barbershop was pulled about a quarter way.

That’s all I can think of.

There is a Marshals (a department store) about 20 miles away from me, that has a pulled mircom pull by the front door.

What i find weird is that there are i3’s threw out the store, but none of the green LED’s flash, the alarms, Wheelock 7002T’s and Wheelock AS’s.

In the mens restroom there is a Spectralert Advanced SR, and in the shoe department there is a gentex SHG on the ceiling.

I took these pictures at a building in Aruba where nearly every call point had been activated (or, as seen in the second photo, completely bashed up). The condition of these devices isn’t very surprising as they are installed outdoors, albeit in relatively sheltered areas.

It’s funny that the second call point on the cover tells you to “pull” it.

there is a BG-10 at this AMOCA place by my house that’s opened and it isn’t in alarm! The H/S’s are Spectralerts Classics with EMERGENCY stickers over the fire lettering, same for the BG-10’s!

It’s funny that the second call point on the cover tells you to “pull” it.

I’m sure that it was a mistake on their part.

I think they just did that for public appeal. If there’s a fire, someone says to “pull the fire alarm”, not to “break the glass and push the button”.

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what a seconed isnt tha a fire alarm code violation because it is already pulled and there for when you touch it it wont activate :?: and my school has a pulled bg12

If the station is pulled then that most likely means the alarm system is Silenced and needs to be reset. The result of either a lazy person or someone who clearly doesn’t know how the system works.

In many areas the fire department takes care of this if it is a false alarm, but in large departments like in Boston, they leave the building owner to deal with it because of time issues – and if they know how to reset the alarm then they can, and if not they should call the alarm company… instead of attempting to do it themselves.

This is what’s nice about audible silence and strobes going until reset – it pretty much makes you have to reset it because the strobes would get annoying flashing all day long after a while.

A Blockbuster Video store near me (now closed) had the Simplex T-Bar at the entrance pulled down for at least several weeks shortly after it first opened. (It might have even been several months - I don’t remember that clearly.) One time the door to the back room containing the panel was open, and I could see from a distance that it was in alarm mode. I never heard or saw the TrueAlerts in action during my time there, so they must have had the system silenced all the while.

That’s interesting. None of the Blockbusters in my area had FA systems when they existed.

I’ve seen a few. There’s a local IHOP that used to be a Denny’s years ago and in the entry way where the restrooms are there’s the panel # a pull station. The pull station (BG-10) was pulled & the panel (Fire-Lite MS-4424) was in alarm mode with the signals silenced. The signals were MASSADA horn/strobes. IDK if they’re still there or if they’ve been replaced. Another local example was here in town at the Price Chopper supermarket. There was an Edwards classic pull station at the entrance that was pulled several times over the years. The likely reason was because next to the pull station were the recycling machines and parents would bring their kids and put them in the front of the cart and likely out of curiosity the kids would reach out & pull the alarm. The signals were Wheelock EH-ELI-WM-24s. The market is currently undergoing the last few stages of renovations and the pulls have been replaced with BG-12s & the signals are now ceiling-mount SpectrAlert Advanced horn/strobes. The last example was at a local hospital and at the main entrance was a Notifier BG-10 that was pulled & it had a sticky note on it saying “OUT OF ORDER”. The signals were ET-1070-LSM speaker/strobes which are still there today (E70-24MCWs in newly added/rennovated areas), but all the pulls have been replaced with NBG-12LXs and the smokes have been upgraded as well.

Do you have pictures of these alarms? I’d like to see them/

A break-glass type pull station in one of the classrooms in my university was smashed. No alarms were activated, but the electromagnetic lock of the door stopped working. Maybe that station is for emergency door release.