hello everyone,
i will be doing an upcomming video (not live) on Q&A feel free to ask any question you like except “may i have an alarm”. i can answer that now. NO! here are system tests 1-5.

System Test 1

System Test 2 part 1

System Test 2 part 2 (short video)

System Test 3

System Test 4

System Test 5

Nice system so far! Have you thought about expanding?

I will answer that in the Q&A I want to have at least 15 questions before I do this

Nice system!

And one person can only ask one question right?

No ask away 1 person could ask 100000000 and I would answer them all Hypothetically speaking

Thanks,Could you think of a question that I could use

What control panels do you recommend to start out?

Ok that will be answered in the Q&A

If you could get any fire alarm device (panel, pull station, etc.) with money aside, which one would you pick?

Ok thank you that will be answered in the Q&A

My new youtube channel user name is firealarmman101. Now what dose this have to do with the Q&A well it will be LIVE on May,4,2013 1:00 pm CST to 2:30 pm CST (if a moderator/admin sees this can you edit this in the topic post above)
on the new channel. if you for shure want the questions answered post them here and if you have more and was not able to post them here you can in the live chat

Please anymore questions you have post them and don’t forget this will be live despite what the post says

thougt i would let you know i am makeing a list of questions for the Q&A i only have five questions please rember this is an 1hr 30min Q&A please any question you have for me post it here and also try to be at the Q&A

Q&A today

Have you ever been hurt or shocked by a fire alarm device?

Q&A IS LIVE NOW www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVAlOr0tmOK

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRp_xThlCpw live stream now