Question about the Gentex GMS

Yes I know that all you must be sick of me asking questions, but because I don’t collect fire alarms, I don’t have access to this information.

The Gentex GMS, I know has the horn of the 9219/U-HNH, but the only videos on YouTube have them sound the same. Are the GMS electronic horns or electromechanical horns?

Gentex GMS’s are electro-mechanical. It is not the horn-only equivalent of the Simplex 9219 or Siemens U-HNH, but it does uses the same horn mechanism.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions. The entire point of having a “community” like this is to share information.

Just don’t post a million questions at once and you will be ok in my book :slight_smile:

Ah so that does mean that the horns can have different pitches? All the horns I heard on YT (which aren’t a lot) all sound like Ben’s.

Yes, they can vary in pitch depending on the voltage and internal adjustments.

Oh. OK. I understand now. The only reason why I thought that they were all of the same pitch was because there are very few videos on YouTube.