Question about the I-Strobe

Does anybody know if the I-Strobe that Federal Signal used is ADA-compliant?

what is the model number?

iStrobe Model ADA Compliance:

HOS: Yes
V1971 series: Yes

One last question: have these strobes ever been used in schools?

:roll: Possibly? Probably?

No need for the snotty reply.

I did some research on the I-Strobe. Amseco/Potter make them also.

they can’t right?,because they are not ADA complient,well i take that back the HOS,and the V1971 series could be used in schools because they are ADA compliant. am i correct?

ADA wasn’t as big of a deal early on in the I-Strobe’s life as far as I can tell, so yes they could realistically have been installed.

ok thank you