Question on Napco Gemini

There’s this building near me that gets a lot of vandalism and even has a broken glass window now. The alarm system is a Napco Gemini and almost always has the armed light flashing when I look inside through the window. What does the armed light flashing mean?

Could mean that the system was tripped, probably by one of the vandals violating a zone.

I believe you’re right @TheCarson116, a flashing armed led generally means an alarm occurred while armed

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The vandals returned to the site and it’s flashing again:

They yanked a door open that had a maglock on it. I witnessed the whole break in.

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Oh my goodness, you should call 911 or whatever your emergency number is.

You could also record them breaking in and send it in to the authorities as evidence

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I returned to the site today and they got caught by building security. I’m guessing they called the cops.

The vandals returned to the site again yesterday, this time it was at 11 pm. My house is right in front of the building and I saw their car pull up and they were there for around 10 minutes, when they left, I walked over to the building, checked the keypad through the window, and sure enough, it was in alarm. I have a video of the keypad in alarm here:

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