Question on the older Mircom Select-a-Horn/Strobes

I think that their model name was the FHS-240 but I’m not sure. Anyway could they be used for outdoor use? I know the newer ones can.

I looked on every data sheet and it does not specify, but if it is for a hobby system, go ahead, but if being used in a commercial system, it would be best to contact the manufacturer. I have two of these and they both have some foam gasket around the horn, but never does it say it can be used outdoors.

While it doesn’t explicitly state that they are listed for outdoor use, this datasheet appears to show a weatherproof box (4BX-1) and plate in the section describing the mounting options.

The garden section at my local Lowe’s has FHS-240 horn/strobes mounted on such backboxes (pictured below).

Ah so they can be used outdoors. Thanks for the answers because I was worried I was getting them confused with a classic SpectrAlert which can be used outdoors instead of them. I could have sworn I saw a picture of one being used outdoors at one point or even read it somewhere but I don’t know where I saw it or where I read it.

A Staples near me has one of them outside.