Quote Edit "Bug"

Something I discovered recently & have been very annoyed about since is that quotes don’t update if you edit the original message, even though they logically should.

I don’t believe its necessarily a bug and more of just that there are no bots on this forum software that scrape for stuff like that.

I didn’t think bots would be necessary, just some additional code telling quotes to update with message edits.

I’ve attempted to solve this “issue” before, not as intuitive or easy as you’d think.

Well what can I say: I’m no coding expert.

This could be a Discourse issue.

I’m not really understanding what the “issue” is here. Can you elaborate?

Its how Discourse works. Let me explain.

Lets use your OP Question for example. This is what it looks like as is.

And this is what is under the hood.

[quote="TheCarson116, post:1, topic:11379, full:true"]
Something I discovered recently & have been *very* annoyed about since is that quotes don’t update if you edit the original message, even though they logically should.

As you can see, the Test being quoted is just, “Text”, and [quote] and [/quote] Just surround it for the aesthetic. The Quote has its own parameters for the UI to understand and display correctly (The "TheCarson116, post:1, topic:11379, full:true" part) Since all of this is plain text, I can change what I want with it, and can mess around with it.

So to answer your question, unless a plugin or such is added, the text in the post with the quote will remain as the text it was when quoted, and won’t change as its just plain text, not an embed to the post. The way to fix this is to constantly check this for edits and fix it. But I don’t see why…

(Edit, It could also help with moderation having it like this)

I think quotes being tied to the actual original content can cause more harm than good, lets say I respond to someone using a quote and they completely change what I was replying to afterwards, it changes the whole meaning of the original reply.

Discourse has also stated themselves on at least the deletion of quotes when the original post is deleted. You can find that here Delete quote when quoted post is deleted - feature - Discourse Meta

Like stated above, there isn’t really a reason to add such a feature.

I had a feeling someone would bring up that possibility, but I honestly think that it would likely be a rare enough occurrence to not matter.

There “isn’t” aside from people like me who are annoyed by a quote not having potential grammar &/or spelling corrections.

Does it really matter though?

I think it does at least: sure it’s probably just me being annoyed by the littlest things but I’d still like to see it implemented, especially since like I said I highly doubt it’ll be abused much.

We all get that way sometimes.

as much as we’d like everything to be perfect, its not always that easy.