Rainbows are Beautiful

But I really don’t think this is the right season for them, in my opinion.

It will give hope to our friends up North. :smiley:

You mean the snow? Because I probably won’t get it.

He’s right. Aside from some flurries, we have had no snow this winter. Nothing on the ground. December was extremely warm, and despite a cold period last week, January hasn’t been terrible either.

To whom were you referring? I am in that “up north” category. That rain I got yesterday would have made an awesome snow storm if it had been cold enough.

I was referring to you. You said “I probably won’t get it” in reference to snow. I was agreeing with you.

I’m glad yesterday’s rain didn’t fall in the form of snow. I’ve been perfectly happy driving to work on clear roads and with snow cover, it only works to keep air temperatures lower…

Would your opinion be different if the precipitation happened during the night?

You make it seem like somebody controls the weather…

I don’t really care what time of day the snow falls, it still creates traffic issues. Even if it falls at night there is still residual moisture on the road that freezes. It probably doesn’t matter much to you now, but when you own and operate a vehicle you may look it it differently.

I’m not sure what you meant by your last statement. I don’t know who or what you are referring to by controlling the weather. To elaborate on my point, its simple physics that a cover of snow chills the air. Day time and night time temps drop faster with a frozen ground. Your opinion may differ from mine, but colder air is no bueno.

Cold air is great for diesels!

Can you not wait the extra 20 seconds for the glow plugs to warm up?