Raizr Industries' Collection

I figured I would post some pictures of my current fire alarm collection. Everything shown except for the i3s, I just got as of posting.

Simplex 4040

Wheelock AS-24MCW

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A Simplex 2099-9795 and a Simplex 2099-9103

Two Fire-Lite BG-12Ls

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And finally a System Sensor i3 4WT-B and 4W-B

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One has a mapnet module. Cool

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Yep. What panels ran Mapnet? I may do a conversion to conventional so I can use it, but I’d keep the module.

I think the 4100 runs mapnet 2, which is what the module runs

Good luck getting the software license to program one though

I wasn’t planning on getting one of those knowing Simplex. I’ll probably convert the station to conventional.

I’ve got one of those Vibratone projector units in my collection, except the horn on mine is branded by The SCAM Instrument Corporation out of Illinois.

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Got the last of my eBay haul in today. I got a dual projector Simplex 4040 and a Simplex 4251-20 with a key.



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