Rare devices in your collection

Created this because many have rare stuff like me, I have a Faraday 5630, a Halon System Sensor MA/SS, and two Faraday 6120s as well as a 2903-9101 and 2901-9517 AC horn.

I have a system sensor ch24mc, a Siemens u-ec-mcs, and a 1st generation 4251-30.

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Schwarze Electric Type 3 Horn, pulled it from an abandoned school near Jackson MI a while ago! (Also yes, that is an AR timer in the background lol)

Nice, Old School Fire Alarms would approve of

Definitely. That is an awesome old horn

I have a couple notable items. A Simplex 4050-81 w/ Simplex 4051, a rare Simplex bilingual pull 2099-9289, a first generation Simplex 4251-41, as well as a 4005 trim panel for a 4002 retrofit kit, among others.

The rare devices in my collection include…….
A system sensor pa400r-f
A est 965-3a-4rw
A notifier lng-1r
A notifier DABC dual action pull station cover
A fci ms-2L institutional pull station
A gamewell ms-95t
A gamewell 30653-01 key reset adapter
A notifier Sdx-551
A notifier Sdx-751
That’s all, folks

I think my Simplex 4906-9130 is rare?
Because i have never seen one before

Could you post a pic of it

It’s just a white ceiling mount truealert. My church has a lot of them

Oh ok. I’ve seen those before

Not really rare but cool

I think this may be the rarest device I own, excluding my Sicli TSI-12 FACP. Even more rare, it’s NIB.

Legrand 415-51

It’s exactly what it looks like, a call point with a sounder in the same box, kind of like my Ura T4CT FACP is, but minus the FACP logic.

In fact one of the inscriptions on the box mentions that explicitly: “This alarm must be powered from a 12V source coming off an existing fire alarm panel”

There’s virtually no information about this at all, like it never existed.

The call point’s membrane is actually a thin metal sheet, something I’ve never seen before.

Yeah I will post a picture of it once I get home.

Is it an electronic horn one?

My collection is pretty common
Here is a list
Simplex 4906-9130
Simplex 4099-9001(keyhole fell out but I am gonna try to fix it)
Fire-Lite BG-12 (missing back and not the hex key one)

All truealerts are electronic

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I have a small collection consisting of only 5 devices but probably the rarest in my system is my Wheelock RSS strobe or if it was the case in my town my Kidde 270-spo

Oh yeaaaaah!I didn’t know what type of horn mine had because i have never tested it because I’m afraid it would disturb my neighbors.

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Do you have a smartsync module per chance? If not, you can’t run the horn anyway.