Rare devices you have seen

This includes fire alarm horns, strobes, horn strobes
Smoke detectors
Pull stations

Vintage ESL 1025c smoke detector at my school (likely disconnected)

Here’s a list:
White/silver BG-8 pull stations
Old ESL smoke/heat detectors (i don’t know what the model is, help would be appreciated.)
10" AC faraday bell (either single stroke or disconnected)
Simplex 4903-9101+2902-9732
White flush mount atlas soundolier speakers (again, i would like help knowing the model number)
Wheelock ET-1010-W
Wheelock rsswpg
Federal Signal 450d+VALS

ADEMCO 529 at a non-denominational church in Akron.


I have seen BG6 pull stations
Wheelock 7001 alarms
Generation 1 gentex shgs (MAYBE RARE?)

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I have seen a Wheelock 7001

Sorry for the late post…

But a few years ago I found that old Faraday incadescent fire light below a 5640. I don’t know if the original photo is still available, but it’s a device I don’t even know the Mod. No. of.