Rare Federal Signal Siratone on firehouse

I found a Google my map that shows all of the sirens in the U.S and one of the sirens was a Siratone which were made from the 50’s to the 90’s. What’s really cool is the fact this is one of the really early ones as the newer ones were made with circle horns while the early ones were made with square horns.

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I wonder what tones it can do. Do you know if it’s a single or dual chopper?

A SiraTone? That looks like a very early FS STL-10 (Single Tone Low 10 Horsepower) with sqaure horns. The SiraTone was a controller for the EOWS-Series sirens by Federal Signal. These early STL-10s are extremely rare though.


I don’t know which one it is.

Whoops! That’s what it said on the map so I thought that was the model. Thanks for vlearing that up.

where is this located?

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This was on the firehouse in Warrenton,Virginia.

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If your thinking that is a siratone, your thinking of a EOWS-115, That looks like a STL-10 With square horns