Rare fire alarm model

Hey guys. So a few years ago, my high school got renovated. For the fire alarm system, they installed Simplex Truealert devices that are NOT horn/strobes. Instead, the alarms featured a soft, low frequency combination of 467 and 563 Hz tones. It sounded like a chime or bell pattern with a minor third between the musical notes Bb4 and C#5.

The thing is, I’ve tried going on YouTube to see if this would be a multi-tone horn strobes or chime strobe. But I still wasn’t able to find which alarm would feature this tone?

Any ideas on what alarm this is?


Do you have any pictures? They might be speaker strobes

No I don’t. By speaker strobes you mean voice evac, right? There were no voice evacs. It looks like a red regular Truealert horn/strobe. Thanks.

Simplex makes multi-tone TrueAlerts: do any of the tones in this video sound familiar?

No, thanks for trying to help though. It’s a bell like chime, soft quiet like sound.

The only other possible kind of TrueAlert I think it could be then is this one, a TrueAlert chime/strobe.

Nope. But thanks for trying. No problem.

Okay: the actual final one I know of is this older multi-tone horn, which also come in horn/strobe versions too. Other than that I don’t know outside of a speaker/strobe (even though you said it’s supposedly not one).

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-Not a Simplex speaker, but is this the sound that came out of it?

-Or did it look like this? Same Chime sound

-Or did it look like this? Not a chime but slow whoop

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OP said it looked like a TrueAlert horn/strobe but if it’s not any of the ones I’ve listed I don’t know what else it could be besides a TrueAlert speaker/strobe.

Yeah I assume it’s the last one I posted with the newer Simplex Tone they use for speaker systems.

Where I live, systems with speakers and no auto voice evacuation is very common. The code doesn’t state you need auto voice evac with messages, just that for buildings over 12 floors need a speaker system. Plus, adding on auto voice evac is another feature you have to pay for, which people don’t realize. So they just go for simple speaker systems that emit a code 3 tone, and then management or safety personnel like fire fighters can just make manual annoucements. I think I have seen one system so far with auto voice evac, it was a new Mircom system.