Rare fire alarms.

How about we put in models of rare alarms. I know a few. Standard electric light plates, Standard Electric remote lights, Simplex 2904s, Simplex 2903 dual bulb, Simplex 4901-9001 light plates, Wheelock EHS with the 7002T style strobe on top, and the Gamewell pulls like NewAgeServerAlarm has in his mini system test 11.

Here’s a rare alarm.

Gamewell discontinued them, maybe 100 or so years ago. Not that many remain…

What is it?

It’s a Gamewell repeater. It relays the alarm signal from the masterboxes.

BTW, I meant this as a joke.


How is it a joke

I think I have a few pictures of alarms that would fall in that category. :slight_smile:

[attachment=0]Edwards 270-SPO Dual-Action.jpg[/attachment]
Above: Dual-action Edwards 270-SPO (yes, they exist!)

Rare alarms I’ve seen in buildings:

Old Edwards bell and light (from 1930 I believe)

Blue Simplex T-bar

Cerberus horn/strobe with French lettering

Standard Electric Time pull station with French lettering

Gamewell Flex 300 panel

Mirtone 7400 panel

Electro Vox speaker

From my collection:

Pyrotronics HS-2 horn (uses a “squealer” sounder)

Simplex light

Pyrotronics MS-51 pull station with French lettering

Gamewell 69233 speaker (Federal Signal 950FGE)

- Wheelock 712-24 chimes and chime/strobes (though coincidentally, there are three on eBay right now)

  • Wheelock “slow whoops”
  • Fire-Lite “wedge” horn/lights
  • Simplex/Faraday/Couch 4050-80-style remote lights
  • Honeywell S464A motorized coded stations (they do exist)
  • Couch motorized coded stations (they have a red light on the front)
  • Red or blue Wheelock WS-24 strobes
  • Edwards remote lights
  • Gamewell Vitaguard stations with built-in phone
  • These

I never seen a duel action 270-spo

Here’s some stuff that’s a bit on the rarer side in my collection (rare meaning it’s not seen in buildings too often and not many people have one)

Fire-Lite BG5

Gamewell M69

RSG White T-Bar

Wheelock 7002/7002T “hybrid”

Edwards BG-10

Here is an alarm I have in my collection that’s on the rare side

I was looking at the third one since I remember the one you had (Honeywell rebranded)

Also, to add to the list:

Federal Signal FSS660 (or something like that)

United Security Products FHS24 horn/strobe (7002 knockoff)

I’ve got two more,

Executone C3002 pull stations (they were in the WTC complex 1972-1993).

System Sensor MASS with the electromechanical tone (newageserveralarm has one with about 8 new tones).

System sensor MASS are fairly comon

Destin, what is the Wheelock “slow whoops”?

Are you referring to the System Sensor MAEH?


Its a MASS with a frosted strobe :smiley:

Here is a rare one I got on Friday:
[attachment=0]Photo 181.jpeg[/attachment]
The black and red version of the 4050 pull station.

This one is model 4051-001T.

Also, two generations of canned smoke from GE / ESL.

The black and red pull station is in great condition!

I have those same pull stations in my church